Thursday, May 14, 2009

Revit Modeling Tips (What to use to make objects)

One thing I noticed a lot of people having a hard time with is how to model things that are not specifically defined by Revit. Below are a few examples, and some differnt ways to approach the creation of these objects.

Parapet capsA lot of people try to model the parapet as a wall sweep. I find this to be quick, but not very controllable. Instead of using wall sweeps, I prefer an in-place family for all my parapets. I will make 1 in-place family and place all my parapet caps inside of that family. I do the same for wall base.

Exterior Metal Panels (or any material with a grid construction).
I like the use of curtian walls for these types of sytems. The ability to model a family for your panel is extremly flexible.

Again, the curtian wall is a wonderful tool for this type of object.

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